This semester’s .courses, now in GoLive

In most schools now, students have already gone back to school and starting their .courses (now entering the GoLive phase) including Gandi. This is the time in the semester when you start to show up on the fun classes and skip the boring ones. So here’s the list of .courses we plan to actually attend this semester:

Sailing, 4 credits
8:00 AM, Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Setting .courses (you know, like a path) using .courses (like sails) is what this course is all about (of course), and even though it’s 8:00 AM, the yacht rock the professor blasts as we practice sheepshanks makes it worth it.

Gym, 2 credits
3:00 PM, Monday, Wednesday
Okay mostly we’re just want to get some physical activity, and going to the gym otherwise isn’t worth 2 credits. This is the class where blood .courses through our veins and it’s not just straight-up cardio work, but obstacle .courses and golf (on .courses) too.

Lute (yeah, the instrument), 3 credits
10:30 AM Tueday, Thursday
So far we’ve just been talking about theory like modes (whether it’s major or minor) and syncopation (that great off-beat rhythm) and .courses (two strings played as a single note), but we’re just waiting until we can rock-out Renaissance-style.

Culinary Arts, 3 credits
2:00 PM, Tuesday, Thursday
Really we just want to be able to impress guests with a meal with multiple .courses. That aren’t all pasta.

Whatever .courses you feel like actually going to this semester, starting Wednesday September 23 at 9:00 AM PDT, you can buy your .courses domain since this extension is now in the GoLive phase, for just $51.67 per year at A rates.

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