Now anyone can have .sex, it’s in GoLive

Imagine a non-hierarchical community of people, distributed across the face of the Earth (even beyond) with little regard for national boundaries, communicating with one another practically instantaneously.

Imagine the good this could accomplish for the progress of humanity. Scientists could share data from opposite sides of the globe, individual economic players could make transactions with one another 24/7, with little delay. In such a space, we can see the glimmering light of a new day for direct democracy, for the limitless freedom of expression and a truly egalitarian marketplace of ideas.

Obviously, that network exists and it’s called the Internet. And maybe someday we’ll get around to doing all those things with it. In the meatime, well, there’s .sex.

And good news if that’s what you’re looking to do, because Wednesday November 4, 2015 at 8:00 AM PST, .sex enters the GoLive phase, in which it becomes available to everyone for just $127.59 per year (we’re talking about the TLD here, mind you).

Want a .sex?