Gandi now offering .feedback in the Sunrise phase

You can regulate from the outside or you can regulate from the inside. In the second case, it’s feedback that makes the system work. And just look at the online world if you need an example: feedback loops abound in tech companies developing the next big thing. Web developers in developing new interfaces need feedback. And teams supporting just about any tech products rely on customer feedback.

That’s why it’s great that now feedback has it’s own TLD: .feedback, which is now entering the Sunrise phase.

It actually entered the Sunrise phase October 20, so we’re a little late in offering this domain, but Sunrise still extends until January 6, and until then, domains in this extension can be purchased with a TMCH claim for $2214.19 per year.

Since this extension is intended to bring together Internet feedback, all domains registered in .feedback are automatically redirected towards a dedicated platform provided by the registry.

For more information, see the domain info page.

Landrush on this extension will go from January 9 to January 18, 2016 (until 5:59 AM PST). During this period, you have a chance to register a .feedback domain for just $10.63 per year, provided you commit to stay with the registry’s platform during the duration of your domain’s registration.

Then, on January 18 at 6:00 AM PST sharp, domains will be available in this extension in the GoLive phase for $41.41 at A rates.

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