Be safe with .protection, .security, now in Sunrise

Protection and security are our wheelhouses. Whether it’s the protection and security of your domain, of your personal information, of your data, or of access to your site through SSL, security and protection are our top concerns.

Which is why we’re happy to see two new related gTLDs entering the Sunrise phase: .protection and .security.

During this phase, these domains will be available for $3294.19 per year.

When these extensions enter a 24 hour Landrush phase at 6:00 AM PST on January 26. 2016, they will be available for $3294.19 per year.

Then, when they enter the GoLive phase on January 27, 2016 at 6:00 AM PST, they will be available for $2214.19 per year.

But that’s not all. Since these are TLDs specifically focused on security and protection, while being open to anyone (in Sunrise anyone with a TMCH claim), the site you put on a domain in one of these extensions will need to be https only, using a valid TLS protocol (including redirections).

Luckily, we can hook you up with an SSL certificate too. Remember: to be able to collect personal or financial information, you’ll need a certificate at the EV extended validation level.

For all the usage rules, be sure to check out our rules for these TLDs and those available directly from the registry.

Protect yourself!

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?: