Curtain’s up on .THEATRE, now in Sunrise

The theater is where the masses go to see a picture. The .THEATRE, however, is a magical place where since the days of Shakespeare thespians have plied their craft humbly upon old oak boards.  

And now they can ply the bard’s art online, finally, with a .THEATRE domain, now entering the Sunrise phase. Landrush, will be for just one day at Gandi from 26 to 27 of January, ending at 11:59pm PST, at a price of US$ 1,134.19.

During this phase, .THEATRE domains will be available for US$ 1674.19 per year for those possessing TMCH claims. General availability,will be on Wednesday January 27 at 8pm PST, at US$ 564.19, all at A rates.


*drum roll, please!!* :