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LiveDNS beta: first glimpse into our new DNS platform

Thought you would spend time away from the computer during the holidays? Think again, as you might just want to try out our new DNS API.

LiveDNS, our upcoming DNS platform, offers a REST API now available in bêta that makes it easy for developers to programatically pilot their zones and automate DNS management. You can easily create a zone file and assign it to one or more domains with a couple of HTTP calls.

The new service has its own set of nameservers that we update immediately upon any change you make. We completely redesigned the backend, and we hope you’ll like it.

To start playing with the new API, grab ahold of your API token from your Gandi Account and of your favorite HTTP client, then head over to the documentation:


Keep in mind that the platform is in Beta, so we don’t recommend that you use its nameservers in production just yet. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can point your domain to the new LiveDNS nameservers once you have created the appropriate records using the API:

  • ns1.gandi.net
  • ns2.gandi.net
  • ns3.gandi.net

Please feel free to contact our Support team to share your feedback or if you have any problems.

Have fun!