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Take a .photo this January for 80% off

This January, we are offering a promotion dedicated to a new wave of artists, journalists, and documentarians enabled by the power of digital technology and the Internet with a great 80% off deal on .photo domains.

Remember (it wasn’t so long ago, after all) when you had to go get your pictures developed? You actually had to go to a store, give them all your film, and pay to get the pictures back. If you went on a vacation, you’d have to wait until you were back home and then another twenty-four hours just to see the pictures you take.

Now, with high-quality, dSLR cameras, you can take high-resolution digital images and upload them from an internet café to your blog, to social media, wherever. And photojournalists can beam you real-time images from news when and where it’s happening in stunning color and resolution. And we couldn’t be more behind this creative and journalistic empowerment of the average person. And, yes, selfies.

So this month might as well be dedicated to this new wave of photographers, because .photo domains will be 80% off from January 1 through January 31, 2016, that’s $6.50 per year instead of the normal $32.49.

Take a .photo?