Price increase on .uk domains March 1st

Nominet is the registry for the United Kingdom’s ccTLD .uk, which also includes, and, all of which are currently available through Gandi. And they have officially announced a rate increase on the domains they offer for both creation and renewal.

This increase is set to take place on March 1, 2016 (at 0:00 UTC). The price changes are as follows:

Creation and renewal of a domain for one year at A rates:

£5.00 (currently £4.00)

€ 8.00 (currently € 7.00)

$9.00 (currently $8.00)

– Creation and renewal of a domain for between two and ten years at A rates:

£5.00 (currently £3.00)

€ 8.00 (currently € 6.00)

$9.00 (currently $8.00)

We should point out that this means that there is no longer a multi-year discount for .uk renewals in Euros or Pounds sterling. As is presently the case in US Dollars, it will be the same rate per year to renew for one year as it is to renew for more than one year at a time.

So, as we generally like to do before a rate increase like this, we would suggest that if you are the owner of a .uk domain (including of course, and, that you renew it now if possible before the change takes effect. We recommend renewing for as many years as possible.

Take this example, for instance: before March 1st, it will cost £27 (that’s € 54 or $72) all together to renew a .uk domain for nine years. After March 1st, though? That price goes up to £45 (€ 72 or $81).

Or, if there’s a .uk domain that you’ve had your eye on, now is the time to get it.

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