Recently-added TLDs: March 2016

Four years on and ICANN is still adding the TLDs from the applications they announced they’d received back in 2012. This month the gTLDs being added tell the story of the race between Google and Amazon to buy up as many extensions as they can.

On February 19, for example, Amazon’s application beat out Google’s for .spot (the coveted .spot spot, as no one calls it). It also beat out one from DotSpot Inc., a corporation apparently organized specifically to act as registry for these domains.

Amazon was also awarded that day with .coupon. After a “private deal in June 2014,” Amazon’s application became the sole application for this extension.

On February 22, ICANN added .食品 (/shokuhin/, Japanese for “food”, .xn--jvr189m in punycode), honoring again Amazon’s application, as well as .store, a TLD which both Amazon and Google (among many) tried to snag. DotStore, Inc. ultimately won out.

Most recently, on February 24, Amazon also scored a valuable TLD for the music industry, .song, despite various objections, similar to those raised for .book (also added recently) that allowing Amazon to act as registry would be anti-competitive.

You can keep track of future developments on this page from ICANN.

Remember: these are new TLDs on the cutting edge of having been added by ICANN. As such, any discussion of one of these TLDs should not be interpreted as meaning any of these extensions will be imminently available on Gandi (though we, of course, try to offer all the extensions we possibly can).