Ah .paris in the Spring: Premium domains released

Who hasn’t dreamed of opening a little café or a bookstore for only out-of-print art books or a fabric shop that sells just those yellow and blue Provençal tablecloths and Eiffel Tower prints in some corner of the Quartier Latin or along the Champs Élysées?

Well, what better time than now to make that dream a reality, at least online. There are a whole bunch of premium domains for generic terms in .paris like café.paris, brunch.paris or antiquites.paris that, starting 10 March will become available at the registrar of your choice.

These, like your dreams, are pure gold, and being premium domains can come at a steep price—between €475.00 and €4,210.00 before tax—but they are truly precious. So pre-register them now.

Remember that you do need to have some connection to the city of Paris, be that residence within Paris, a commercial interest there or a cultural or familial connection.

What’s your .paris dream?