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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Gandi

It’s an unwritten law that today you can pinch anyone caught not wearing green, in honor of St. Patrick and the dynamic, deep-rooted, poetic and beautiful country of which he is patron: Ireland.

St. Patrick’s Day, which marks the anniversary of St. Patrick’s death, is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival. People wear green and parade through the streets of cities not just in Ireland but in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Russia, even Japan and South Korea.

The traditional Irish street ballad, “The Wearing of the Green,” remembers a time when it was made illegal across Ireland to wear green or celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The version by playwright Dion Boucicault foreshadows the Irish exodus, especially to the New World:

But if at last our colour should be torn from Ireland’s heart,
Our sons with shame and sorrow from this dear old isle will part;
I’ve heard a whisper of a land that lies beyond the sea
Where rich and poor stand equal in the light of freedom’s day

And in fact, some of the biggest and most famous celebrations are in the US. Chicago famously dyes the Chicago River green every year. Many cities, like Indianapolis, emulate this tradition and massive events are held in traditional Irish-American enclaves like Boston and New York.

How can you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Gandi? Well, we have a few ideas. For one, we have a promotion currently on-going for a word we in the US reserve for specifically Irish bars: .pub (currently $7.00 per year). But you can also wear green with a .green domain (currently $95.30). For Irish Catholics, on St. Patrick’s Day, Lenten restrictions on alcohol consumption are lifted, so why not have a pint of .beer (presently $38.34 per year)? Of course, a .irish domain (currently $47.82) would be a natural choice, as would .holiday (right now $52.65), St. Patrick’s Day being a holiday after all.

It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day if you didn’t, at least, have one .dance ($24.44 currently), now, would it? Nor would it be the same without the Irish-American .community (now $38.34) behind it.

So, we can think of a few ways to celebrate Irish heritage.

And while you’re at it, why not throw in some love for other Gallic cultures? For the Welsh, there’s .cymru and .wales ($21.00 each). For Brittany, there’s .bzh
($66.00). For Scots, there’s  .scot ($55.48) and for Galicia, there’s .gal ($114.19).

However you choose to celebrate, happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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