Half-off .ski and .bio until March 31

As the snow recedes from the mountains and the snow machines can’t quite keep up, here’s one more chance to get in some time at the virtual slopes of .ski : from March 21 until March 31, .ski domains will be 50% off. That means they’ll be available for just $24.16 for first-year registration(versus $48.31 usually).

And with that receding snow, it’s time for gardeners and farmers alike to start planting vegetables. For bio-friendly food producers, that makes now no better a time to plant the seeds of a .bio domain, also 50% off from March 21 to March 31, 2016 (at midnight UTC). The means .bio domains, normally $63.96 per year at A rates will be available for just $31.98 for first-year registration.

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