Newsletter March 2016


1. Recently-Added TLDs to the Root
2. Gandi Events
3. Update: One-click upgrade to PHP 5.6
4. In-depth: The Lifecycle of a Domain
5. Tech Fundamentals: IANA
6. TLD release Calendar
7. Promo Roundup


It’s March and that fresh, clean Spring air is coaxing the buds on the trees to open up and cover the branches with soft, green spring leaves. That Spring air seems to have even blown through this month’s newsletter. At least, a crop of fresh, green updates, promos, and new releases are budding.

This month, we’re looking at new TLDs being added by ICANN to the root zone, Gandi is attending and hosting a flurry of events, you can upgrade your Simple Hosting instance to PHP 5.6 with one click and witness the lifecycle of a domain in one glance. We’re also looking into a little bit of Internet history with this month’s Tech fundamental on IANA. And of course we’ve got some great new releases and promos this month, so don’t miss those calendars either.

LAUNCH 2016 stage
LAUNCH Fest 2016, see events for more

Recently-Added TLDs to the Root

We took a look at the TLDs coming down the line that were just added to ICANN in the past month. We won’t necessary end up offering all of them, but we thought you’d at least like to know.

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Gandi Events

This month we attended, are attending and even hosted a number of events, whether in Paris, San Francisco, Luxembourg, Taipei or beyond.

Hyperloop at Launch

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Update: One-click upgrade to PHP 5.6

A one-click upgrade to PHP 5.6 for Simple Hosting instances is now available in Beta.

All you need to do is go to your instance’s control panel and click on the “Update” link.

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In-depth: The Lifecycle of a Domain

We’re also starting a new series of infographics exploring the mysterious recesses of domain name registration, hosting, the Internet as a whole.

This month, we are delving into the life and death of a domain name: from the moment it is first registered and blinks into existence, to its renewal, and then to the mysterious afterlife that lies beyond expiration.

Lifecycle of a Domain

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Tech Fundamentals: IANA

In March 1972, Jon Postel along with Vint Cerf called for the creation of a catalog of socket numbers. The purpose was to create, essentially, a list of all the existing codes and numbering systems allowing computers to network with each other. This was the first step on a road that led to IANA, ICANN’s numbers and names authority.

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TLD release Calendar

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Here’s a look at TLD releases at Gandi for the month of March 2016:

Thursday March 3:

.bet (GoLive)

Monday March 7:

.佛山 (.xn--1qqw23a // Foshan GeoTLD) (GoLive)

Tuesday March 8:

.bible (GoLive)

Thursday March 10:

.vip (Sunrise)

Monday March 21:

.barcelona (GoLive)

Stay tuned for updates and, of course, for next month’s releases.

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Promo Roundup

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We’ve got a healthy early spring harvest of promotions this March. Take a look below :

Starting Tuesday March 1:

.me $4.00 per year through March 14

Super Tuesday: .democrat, .republican, ($25.00 per year) .vote  and .voto ($50.00 per year) through March 7

.cloud $9.00 per year through December 31

.club 50% off through March 31 $19.99 per year through May 31

.online $4.99 per year through March 31

Spring has sprung: .xxx, .porn, .sex, and .adult $12.00 per year through May 31


Starting Monday March 7:

St. Patrick’s Day Promo: .pub $7.00 per year through March 18


Ongoing promotions:

.asia 70% off, through March 31

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Well, that’s all for this month. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line with your impressions and feedback on any of our services or our newsletter. We’d love to hear from you.

Otherwise, see you in April.