Price drop for .cc

Recently, Verisign announced a price drop on .cc domains and when we heard, we thought it was only right to copycat them and lower our prices too. And, fittingly for such a symmetrical TLD, the previous price of $35.00 is getting sliced in half to $17.50 per year at A rates. Permanently.

We gotta say, this is a versatile TLD. In addition to Coco Islands, which it officially stands for, .cc can also be for cubic centimeters (as in “I need 50 cc’s of dihydrogen monoxide … stat.”), Carson City, carbon copy (or blind carbon copy), closed captioning, corpus callosum, cyclomatic complexity or just the name: Cici. And, polyglots out there will know it’s Spanish for “yes yes”. Plus it’s just catchy. “See-see?

Take advantage of the price drop and register a .cc?