Half-price on .ngo, .ong domains in June

NGOs do important work.

Before the UN officially created the nongovernmental organizations consultative status, organizations that would be designated as such today were instrumental in such monumental changes as the abolition of slavery and women’s suffrage.

Today, NGOs go where governments cannot. Especially at an international level, focusing on development, sustainability and humanitarian efforts that governments alone don’t have the power, will or scale to organize.

We make no bones about lending our help to such initiatives, and you can find a few of our favorites listed on our page of supported projects.

For the month of June we decided to step it up even further. We’ll be offering domain names in the .ngo|.ong (In Romance languages, NGO is ONG) at half-price.

Since .ngo|.ong domain names are only available to verified NGOs, this promotion specifically helps such organizations. We also keep listing it like that, .ngo|.ong because the two are “bundled.” That means when you register a .ngo domain, you also get the corresponding .ong domain (or the other way around) for no extra price.

From June 1 through June 30 at midnight UTC (5:00 PM PDT), .ngo|.ong domains will be available for just $30.98 (instead of the usual $61.93 per year at A rates).

Register a .ngo|.ong domain?: