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25% off new premium domains from .club

Exclusivity is a big part of what makes a club a club and .club itself involves a layer of exclusivity: certain highly desirable .club domains have been long locked away in the registry’s virtual vaults as reserved domains. If you’ve eyed these domains from afar, we have good news for you. The .club registry is currently releasing some 12,000 previously reserved domains as premium domains. And there are some great ones still available, like dvd.club ($2000), village.club ($2000) and runner.club ($7500).

But, because you’re part of a great exclusive group yourself (by that we mean Gandiens), we’re giving you an exclusive chance to register any of these 12,000 new premium .club domains. With the following code, get 25% off the premium domain of your choice for the first year:


The code is valid from July 1 to July 31, 2016 (at midnight UTC), and premium domains are in high demand, so don’t delay.

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