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Huge promo on .XYZ Birthday!

Having a June birthday means .XYZ, for what it’s worth, is a Gemini and we’ve probably never met a person who actually matched their astrological sign as much as .XYZ matches its sign.

Geminis are supposed to be versatile, and .XYZ definitely has that: it’s probably the most versatile of all the new gTLDs.

Gemini is also the twins, so everything comes in twos. So far so good: XYZ’s more famous twin, of course, is ABC. And this year, because it’s .XYZ’s second birthday, the celebration comes down to twos, too.

It’s in two phases: from June 1-2 (two days), .XYZ domains will be just £0.02 each. That’s a pair of two pretty pennies.

And then, from June 3-30, .XYZ domains will be £0.15 each.


Register a creative, versatile .XYZ? Or maybe two?