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Nine-dollar .college and .rent

Global post-secondary education enrollment has been on an upward climb over the past twenty years. According to UNESCO, in 1996, just 16% of the world’s young adult population was enrolled in university while by this year enrollment is on track to exceed 35% of the global young adult population.

Regardless of what you think of this trend, .college is more popular than ever. Which is great news for those who sell The Big Lebowski posters, bean bag chairs and Twin XL size sheets.

You don’t need a dorm room, though, to furnish your life with a .college domain. Or, if you prefer, you could .rent off-campus. Either way, this August 1 through August 31, both .college and .rent are on sale for just $9.00* for the first (dare we say freshman) year (normally $92.71 per year at A rates).

Go to .college? Pay the .rent?:


*Prices in USD. Check local prices on the TLD price pages: .college, .rent