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Three for one .mx domains

While on May 5, Anglo-Americans put on cheap straw sombreros, go out for Tex-Mex and blender-mixed margaritas, thinking el Sink-o de May-yo is the most Mexican day of the year, the real Mexican national holiday is September 15-16. And while the US has the Declaration of Independence, Mexico has the Grito de Dolores.

On September 15 every year at exactly 11:00 PM, in commemoration of the original event, the heads of the executive branches of each level of government, waving a Mexican flag, exhort the public with a round of pronouncements culminating in three shouts of ¡Viva México! Rousing stuff.

So to commemorate in our own way the three Viva Méxicos, this September, starting September 1 through September 30, .mx domains, the ccTLD for Mexico, will be three for the price of one, or just one .mx domain for $16.00 per year instead of the normal $48.00*.  

¡Viva México! y ¡Viva .mx!

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*Prices in USD. See the .mx price page for local prices (Sorry not pesos, though).