Now anyone can .travel

In the old jetset days, you had to be a millionaire to fly to far-off and exotic locales. But, thanks in part to online deal finders, today travel is open to all.

Similarly, when .travel debuted back in 2005, you had to actually be in the travel industry in order to obtain one.

As of now, the jet set age of .travel is over: .travel domains are now open to anyone providing services, products or content of, by or for the travel industry. Especially travel startups and travel writers.

You do still have to become a .travel “member” before you can get a .travel domain, though, and getting a Member Number or UIN is still required. You can get that automatically on the website.

Otherwise, once you have a UIN, .travel domains are available for $90.00 per year at A rates*. Happy .travel‘s!

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* Price in USD. See the .travel price page for local prices.