Now taking premium orders for .bar and .rest

While both .rest (for restaurants) and .bar (for, well, bars) have been open for business since 2014, today, October 19 the special, exclusive .bar and .rest are opening up too.

We’re talking of course about premium domains.

These are the exclusive .rest and .bar‘s that are in high-demand, with a steeper price of admission to go with it. Here’s just a sample menu of available options: (for that pre-flight grog) (for all the rum drinks you can stomach) (first rule is: don’t talk about (play this one again, Sam) (jumbalaya and crawfish pies) (probably a steak house with a good house Malbec. Tuesdays are Tango night) (for good food and good music, we assume)

As you can see, it’s mostly a mix between some nice generic names and more geographic names.

Open that .bar or .rest you always wanted?: