Hello my .baby, hello my darling …

Where oh where could my .baby be?

Be my little .baby

.baby I’m a star

With this TLD entering the Sunrise phase, we challenge you to think about something you love. As of November 2, .baby has been open for registration at Gandi, and it’s not just for kids. For some people, their car is their baby. For others it’s a cherished pet or a pet project.

Not to mention nearly every pop song since 1900.

Whatever it may be, if your baby has a TMCH registration, you can get it now for N/A per year in the Sunrise phase.

Otherwise, register in the Landrush phase for N/A per year and your registration will be submitted … when that phase launches. You can still register in the Landrush phase until it closes on … .

Or register for the GoLive phase and you can get your .baby for just N/A per year at A rates. The GoLive phase opens … so registrations submitted to Gandi up until that date for the GoLive phase will be submitted then.

What’s it gonna be baby?

Register your .baby?


*Prices in USD. Please see the .baby page for local prices.