Newsletter November 2016


1. All about DPML Plus

2. Half-price .org domains

3. Events at Gandi

3. Events outside Gandi

5. Recently-delegated TLDs

6. TLD release calendar

7. Promo roundup

Have you been paying attention?

This month has been full of distractions (though let’s not go there). But relax. We’re hear to catch you up on what you may have missed at Gandi.

Let’s start with a new, limited-time option from Donuts for new gTLDs called DPML Plus. We’ll guide you through what regular old DPML is and then see what’s changing and what the Plus is for.

Then we’ll stop off at .org for an excellent promo that just got going.

After that, in case you missed it, we’ll give you a rundown on what we’ve been up to. We’ve been busy this past month and this coming one, both inside our offices and outside.

And then we’ll see what ICANN’s been up to, at least in terms of delegating new strings, with this month’s Recently-delegated TLDs update.

And as always, we’ll peek at the TLD release calendar and then round up this month’s promos.

Anyway, we know it’s so easy for things to slip by when you’re not watching. That’s why we’re summing it all up here.

Changes to Donuts’s DPML protection

While it may be of general interest to just about anyone, Donuts’s DPML protection program is mostly of interest to those who own trademarks and want to protect them across new TLDs. If that’s you and you didn’t catch our rundown of the changes to the program, we suggest looking into it. At least before the end of the year when things really change.

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Half-price .org domains

Another time-sensitive bit of news that we wouldn’t want you to miss this month is that .org domains are currently half-price on the first year of registration. Take a look at our full promo roundup below and you’ll notice that most of them are new TLDs. It’s pretty rare to see such a significant promo on an old standby like .org. And this one’s only good for first 5,000 domains created and only goes until the end of the year, so get them while they’re still hot.

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Events at Gandi

We’ve had a busy month across our various offices. Here’s just a few things we’ve been up to.

Kernel Recipes

Kernel Recipes
Running from September 28 through 30 in Paris, Gandi helped sponsor Kernel Recipes, consisting of three days of about 20 talks (plus “lightning” talks). If the name doesn’t make it obvious, Kernel Recipes largely revolves around discussions of open source, especially

For photos, videos, and more for this year’s event, check them out on the Kernel Recipes site.

Since 2013, we’ve been sponsoring the open source messaging project CaliOpen as one of our premier sponsored projects. This past month, CaliOpen announced that they’d secured financing from BPIFrance.

If you don’t yet know of CaliOpen, it’s an open source project to make secure electronic communication of all forms easy. For details, check out CaliOpen’s site.

On the US side of things, we’ve opened our doors up to Holberton School, a project-based, peer learning programming school. We’re devoting a portion of our office space in SoMA in San Francisco as a co-working space and we’ve been glad to see them stopping by.

You can find out more about Holberton School on their website.

Or read the press release or even this article or more information on the help we’re providing.

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Events outside Gandi

M3AAWG Paris
From October 24 through October 27 members of our abuse team based in Paris (they mitigate abuse, not deal it out, in case you were wondering) attended M3AAWG, the Messaging Malware Anti-Abuse Working Group. M3AAWG is a critical part of developing best practices for combating online spam, fraud, and malware online
We’re happy to be able to participate in M3AAWG meetings and just as previous meetings have taken place right in our neighborhood in San Francisco, this time our home city of Paris was selected, which is convenient for us.

ICANN Hyderabad
We’ve been covering a lot of ICANN-related news lately, and maybe that was in part out of anticipation for ICANN57.


ICANN57 just wrapped up in Hyderabad and according to some changes in the structure and rhythm of ICANN meetings approved back in 2014, ICANN57 was a little longer than ICANN56, lasting a full seven days, with two public forum sessions. As of two ICANN sessions ago that’s now the norm.

While, admittedly, a great depth of material isn’t available, a good starting point for anyone who missed ICANN57 but are curious about the meeting is ICANN’s blog.

Otherwise, we also use this meeting as a chance to meet face-to-face with many of our partners up and down the domain name food chain, and it was of course great to have that opportunity as well. With .blog launching this month, the registry held a big launch party which was about as lit as a TLD release party an get.

As for future events, as the year comes to a close and the winter Federal holiday season approaches, we don’t expect a lot of upcoming events. However, keep on eye on our meet up page for The Root Zone, our periodic DNS-themed meet up we coordinate with CloudFlare.

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Recently-Delegated TLDs


While battles for this month’s batch of newly delegated TLDs are long over, in case you missed them, this past month’s recently-delegated new TLDs post focuses on the question of who is better suited to be awarded the contract for a new gTLD: an organization or company already closely associated with the TLD or a large “portfolio” registry?

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TLD release Calendar

Not many TLDs will be or have already been released this month, but there are a few. In particular, we wanted to highlight .blog, entering the GoLive phase November 21. This is a great opportunity to do some one-stop shopping by getting a .blog and attaching it to a Simple Hosting instance with one-click WordPress installation (see our guide for more information)


Tuesday November 8:

.makeup (GoLive)

Monday November 21:

.blog (GoLive)

Wednesday November 27:

.娱乐 (.xn--fjq720aentertainment“) (GoLive)
(.xn--vhquvcompany“) (GoLive)
(.xn--czrs0tshop“) (GoLive)
(.xn--unup4ygames“) (GoLive)


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.blog (GoLive)

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Stay tuned for updates!

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Promo Roundup

Yeehaww! We’re rounding up a whole herd of promos this month (including that .org one we mentioned above) in this month’s Promo Roundup. Catch up with the full roundup below:

Promos this month

Only in November:

.top creations $1.00 and renewals half-price
.club renewals reduced-price
.me just $5.00

.eu half-price

Starting November 1:

.org half-price through December 31 — first 5,000 domains only!

Starting November 7:

.markets, .trading 75% off first year through February 12 

Starting November 8:

.shop creation for $9.99 until January 31

Ending November 30:

.design $10.00 through November 30
.link $4.50 through November 30
.photo $5.00
through November 30
.audio, .hiphop, .guitars $9.03, $12.84 , and $16.22 through November 30

Ongoing promotions:

.cat $5.00 through January 11
.live, .studio, .video half-price through December 31
.desi half-price through December 31
$7.99 per year in GoLive through December 31

.stream $2.00 per year in GoLive
.accountant, .bid, .cricket, .date, .download, .faith, .loan, .party, .racing, .review, .science, .trade, .webcam, .win $2.00 per year through December 31
.online, .press, .website, .site, .host, .space, .pw, .tech on promo through December 31
.tech, .online, .site renewals 50% off through December 31
 .xyz $3.99 per year through December 31
.black, .blue, .pink, .red, .lgbt, .kim, .shiksha, .poker, .pro, .info, .mobi, .移动 50% off until December 31 (previously June 30)
.gdn $1.50 until until December 31

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With plenty out there to distract this month, we wouldn’t be surprised if you missed a few of the things we talked about above. We hope you’ve caught up now. But did we miss something? Or maybe you just miss us and need someone to talk to. Either way, tweet us @gandibar, email us at, on Facebook, G+, or contact us on the #gandi channel on Freenode. \o/