Price Increase: .berlin and .hamburg

Generally, we like to be able to bring you news about TLD prices going down, at least temporarily, but every so often we have a duty to inform you of price increases on certain TLDs.

This time around it’s two German geographic TLDs—.berlin and .hamburg—who are seeing price increases on domain creation, renewal and transfers.

As of November 1, .berlin creations have already increased from $52.18 to $64.18 per year at A rates*. As for .berlin renewals and transfers, these will also go up to $64.18 at A rates from the current $52.18 per year*, but not until March 1, 2017. Since you can register a .berlin domain for a total of 10 years, now’s the time to renew it for as long as you can to save money in the long term.

As for .hamburg, on January 1, 2017, it will also see the creation price increase to $64.18 per year at A rates*. Between now and the new year is the time to get that .hamburg domain you always wanted, then.

Renewal and transfers rates on .hamburg will also increase to $64.18 per year at A rates on March 1, 2017, along with .berlin, so renew your .hamburg‘s for up to 10 years too.

Renew your .berlin or .hamburg domain now:

Register a .hamburg domain before the price increase:


*Prices in USD. See .berlin and .hamburg pricing pages for local prices.