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Fifty percent off .osaka

Mōkarimakka? That’s “How’s business?” in Osaka-ben, the Kansai dialect of Osaka. The traditional response, bochi bochi denna, means “so-so.” Take that as you will.

In any case, you probably know Tokyo as the economic and cultural center of Japan, but with having given birth to companies like Panasonic, Sharp, Sanyo, and Minolta Osaka is a kind of capital in their own right.

And what better to feed that innovation than a cup of ramen? Osaka is also the birth place of world-famous instant ramen company Konami.

Even if business is really just so-so, now’s a good time to snatch up a .osaka while you can. From January 1 through February 28, .osaka domains are half-price for the first year. That means a new .osaka domain will be US$23.91 for the first year and the regular US$47.82 after that*.

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