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.CN for just US$ 7.60 (6,33€) per year

We’re starting off the new year with a promotion on the ccTLD of a country that celebrates New Year twice this month! While Chinese New Year falls on January 28, 2017 in the Western Calendar, in the traditional Chinese calendar that date will be 4714.

As you are probably already aware, each Chinese year has a specific zodiac sign. So, starting January 28, we will enter the year of the Fire Rooster (some may say “Year of the Chicken”).

The Rooster is known for its persistence and dynamism, which we thought would best be represented by a healthy 25% off .CN domains through the end of February.

That means .CN domains are just 6,33€ (instead of 8,44€), US$ 7.60 (instead of the usual US$ 10.13) or NT$ 232 (instead of NT$ 310).

You do not need to have a contact address in China or company in China to obtain your .CN domain name, however there is a real name verification requirement which Gandi does at no additional cost to you. For this you will have to send an personal ID (a drivers license will mostly do the trick) to our support team after registering the domain.

So to protect your brand or secure yourself an address in an ever-growing Chinese economy now is the right time.

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