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Price increase for .net domains

Once again, due to exchange rate fluctuations, it is our unfortunate duty to inform you of a rate increase on .net domains in Euros (EUR, €) and Pounds (GBP, £). All domain operations (creation, renewal, transfer) in all price grids will be increasing by €1.50 or £1.22 on 1 February 2017.

Here are those changes reflected in A rates for example:

Current / New price

Domain creation: €15.00 / €16.50 or £12.98 / £14.20
Renewal: €15.00 / €16.50 or £12.98 / £14.20
Transfer: €12.00 / €13.50 or £9.68 / £10.90

If you have a .net domain, we recommend renewing it before 1 February in order to get the current rate before it goes up.

Remember: .net domains don’t have to be nearing expiration to be renewed.

Now’s a good time to consider consolidating your portfolio if it contains .net domains outside of Gandi by transfering in or buying that .net domain you’ve always had your eye on.

Rates in US Dollars (USD, $) will however, not increase. They will remain the same.