Newsletter February 2017


1. Introducing SoGo: Gandi’s new webmail.

2. New Feature: Usernames and Organizations

3. New Simple Hosting interface

4. Buy a .cloud, get a t-shirt

5. The Root Zone.: DDoS Attacks!

6. TLD release calendar

7. Promo roundup

February may be a short month, but it’s sure to be jam-packed with updates. In particular, over the past several weeks, we’ve been continuously rolling out new features onto the beta of our new site: #gandiv5.

For those who’ve been waiting with bated breath, please breathe because after one month we’re just getting started and as we’re already treading into month two, really, that’s a long time of not breathing. That’s not to say things aren’t progressing. On the contrary, things are moving along quite well and we’ve gotten some great feedback from many of you. Keep it coming.

In this month’s newsletter, we’re looking at some of the features added to the beta over the course of January. These include a new webmail service, a new way of structuring accounts and an updated interface for Simple Hosting. And as always, we have a couple of new TLDs being released and a roundup of our current promos. We managed to pack all of that and a little more into the past month.

Introducing SOGo: Gandi’s new webmail

The first big #gandiv5 news of the month was the introduction of a new webmail service, SOGo.

Gandi's new Webmail

Those of you familiar with Roundcube from using our legacy site will no doubt see the advantages of using SOGo, including:

  • Thirty-two display languages
  • Customizable folders
  • Calendar integration
  • Labels

Gandi's new Webmail
 A peak at the SOGo interface

We encourage anyone interested in learning more to check it out.

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New Feature: Usernames and Organizations

Next, we officially rolled out the new account structure for #gandiv5 this past month. The days of logging in with the AB1234-GANDI type handle are over. Instead, you’ll get the chance to define your own username.

Usernames and Organizations
The Username and Organization menu in #gandiv5

In introducing this new feature of #gandiv5 we also introduced the concept of Organizations and discussed some of the added benefits of this restructuring.

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New Simple Hosting interface

We know many of you have more than just domains at Gandi. Don’t worry. We haven’t been neglecting you. This month we also rolled out the new Simple Hosting interface for #gandiv5.

New Simple Hosting interface

This is more than just a redecoration or porting of the previous service to the new site. It’s a true upgrade in terms of user interface and navigation. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Give it a spin! 

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Buy a .cloud, get a .cloud t-shirt

It’s as simple as that: buy a .cloud domain from Gandi this month, get a special edition, one-of-a-kind .cloud t-shirt. Of course, it wouldn’t be “limited edition” if we gave it to everyone-everyone. You have to be within the first 200 registrants of a .cloud domain.

Buy a .cloud, get a t-shirt
The .cloud t-shirt design

When you register one, you’ll get a code you can use to get your shirt.

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The Root Zone.: DDoS Attacks!

Just last week, along with our friends at Cloudflare, we hosted the first edition in our second series of meetups under the moniker The Root Zone. This time rather than one-on-one interviews, we invited a panel of experts to discuss the hottest DNS topic of the past six months: DDoS attacks.

The Root Zone

We’ll be posting a full overview in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that. If you attended, thanks for coming! If you missed it, for now, feel free to watch the whole event on UStream. Expect more details soon, though.

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TLD release Calendar

Just a couple of new TLDs coming out this month:


Wednesday February 1:

.eco (Sunrise)

Wednesday February 8:

.art (Landrush)

February 2017
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

.eco (Sunrise)
2 3 4
5 6


.art (Landrush)

9 10 11

13 14


17 18
19 20

21 22

23 24 25

27 28

Stay tuned for updates!

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Promo Roundup

And now for a look at current promos. Some start this month. Others end this month. Some of them will last all year:

Promos this month

Only in February (February 1-28):

.cloud $9.00
.club $1.99
.me $5.00
.fashion $9.00

Starting February 1:

.tech, .online multi-year renewals until June 30
.boutique, .city, .coffee, .digital, .email, .fyi, .guru, .immo, .land, .life, .ltd, .maison, .mba, .media, .run, .sarl, .solutions, .systems, .today, .tools, .vin, .voyage, .wine, .works, .world, .zone on sale until March 30
.click, .link, .lol $3.99 until June 30

Ending February 12:

.markets, .trading 75% off first year through February 12

Ending February 28:

.cn 25% off until February 28 (Happy Year of the Rooster!)
.pro $3.00 until February 28
.tech $16.70 per year for 5-9 year creations; $11.50 per year for ten years until February 28

Ongoing promotions:

.me half price until December 31
.top $1.50 until December 31
.archi, .black, .blue, .info, .kim, .lgbt, .mobi, .pet, .pink, .poker, .promo, .red, .ski, half price until June 30
.host, .online, .press, .pw, .site, .space, .store, .tech, .website until June 30
.promo half price until June 30
.news, .reviews, .social half price until March 31

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That about wraps it up for this month. We’ll be rolling out more new features on the #gandiv5 beta so keep track on our news site at for more updates as they come in.

Until then, feel free to contact us at, on Twitter @gandibar, Facebook, G+, or in the #gandi channel on Freenode. \o/