Newsletter March 2017


1. FR-SD3 is now in Beta

2. Snapshots and 20 Gb now free

3. Filters, sorting, and auto-reply on Gandi Mail

4. The Root Zone.: DDoS Attacks!

5. Changes to .tel domains

6. TLD release calendar

7. Promo roundup

A good, deep spring cleaning can really shake off the old, stale wintry feeling in a place and bring in new freshness and life. Deep, dark corners that haven’t seen the light all year get swept out, furniture and even clothes get replaced and rearranged. It starts to seem like not even the same house anymore (or studio apartment as the case may be).

But that kind of change is good, we think, and it’s just the kind of spring cleaning we’ve been doing in every corner this spring. If you’ve been following us the last few months, you already know about a few.

This month, our new data center infrastructure, FR-SD3 — which we introduced in alpha testing earlier this year — is now in beta. We introduced free snapshots on Simple Hosting and then added an extra 10 GB of storage. So now 20 GB of storage come free with every instance. We also rolled out Sieve server rules on Gandi Mail allowing free email filtering, sorting, auto-reply and more through our new SOGo webmail platform. We also reviewed our The Root Zone. meetup at the end of January about DDoS Attacks. We have a brief update about .tel domains to make sure you’re all aware of and then on to the TLD release calendar and promo roundup for March.

FR-SD3 is now in Beta

One area we’ve been freshening up lately is our hosting infrastructure. It was to that end that we introduced a new data center earlier this year, FR-SD3.

FR-SD3 now in Beta

Since that introduction, FR-SD3 has been in alpha testing, but, everything having gone well so far, we’re ready to take it into the beta phase.

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Snapshots, 20 Gb storage now free on Simple Hosting

Also in the area of hosting, this time on our Simple Hosting platform, we introduced free snapshots on Simple Hosting instances.

Simple Hosting on gandiv5

Snapshots are a great tool for creating and scheduling backups.

And not only that, we are now increasing the default disk size for Simple Hosting instances up to 20 Gb.

Get the relevant details on free snapshots | Check our announcement about increasing storage space | Back to top

Filters, sorting, and auto-reply on Gandi Mail

Last month we introduced SOGo, our new webmail platform, in beta and this month we introduced the next development in our rethinking of our mail service: Sieve server rules.

Spam filtering with Sieve
A look at Sieve filters in the SOGo interface

For those who are not familiar with Sieve, this means that you can add rules to your mailboxes, like spam filters, out-of-office replies, and sorting into folders.

Read how to activate and use Sieve filters | Back to top

The Root Zone.: DDoS Attacks!

On January 31, Gandi and CloudFlare presented a panel discussion as part of our joint Meetup series The Root Zone. which focuses on DNS-related topics. This panel’s topic was DDoS attacks, with a special emphasis on the large attack in October. We invited DNS inventor Paul Mockapetris, Chris Baker, principal data analyst at Dyn, Brian Hartvigsen, who works as SRE Manager for OpenDNS, another DNS provider, Andrew Lewman from threat intelligence firm Farsight Security (and former CEO of the Tor Project), as well as Gandi’s own Chief Innovation Officer Pascal Bouchareine.

The Root Zone
CloudFlare hosted this panel in their space at the end of January

You can watch the whole panel on YouTube, or read through our summary with links to relevant sections for the videos in our write-up about this event, now available online.

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Changes to .tel domains

Finally, a bit of housekeeping before we get on to the TLD release calendar and Promo roundup. The registry for .tel domains recently announced changes that will impact everyone with a .tel domain and anyone interested in getting one.

In short, these domains will no longer have to be directly linked to telephony.

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TLD release Calendar


Wednesday March 15:

.hospital (Landrush)
.企业 (.xn--vhquvcompany“) (Landrush)
.商店 (.xn--czrs0tshop“) (Landrush)
.娱乐 (.xn--fjq720aentertainment“) (Landrush)
.游戏 (.xn--unup4ygames“) (Landrush)

Wednesday March 22:

.hospital (GoLive)
.企业 (.xn--vhquvcompany“) (GoLive)

.商店 (.xn--czrs0tshop“) (GoLive)
.娱乐 (.xn--fjq720aentertainment“) (GoLive)
.游戏 (.xn--unup4ygames“) (GoLive)

Monday March 27:

.fun (Landrush)

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.hospital, .企业, .商店, .娱乐, .游戏 (Landrush)

17 18
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21 22
.hospital, .企业, .商店, .娱乐, .游戏
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.fun (Landrush)



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Promo Roundup

And finally, let’s organize these promos:

Promos this month

Only in March (March 1-31:

.design $7.99
.mx $12.00
.sucks $2.99

Starting March 1:

.lat 67% off until May 31
.pro 50% off until June 30
.organic, .bio, .green $9.00 until June 30
.loan, .cricket, .accountant, .faith, .science $5.00
.men, .bid, .win $2.50
.racing, .webcam, .download, .stream, .date, .trade, .review, .party $2.99, $5.70

Starting March 17:

.bar, .rest 70% off first year until May 15

Ending March 30:

.boutique, .city, .coffee, .digital, .email, .fyi, .guru, .immo, .land, .life, .ltd, .maison, .mba, .media, .run, .sarl, .solutions, .systems, .today, .tools, .vin, .voyage, .wine, .works, .world, .zone

Ending March 31:

.news, .reviews, .social half price until March 31

Ongoing promotions:

 .tech, .online multi-year renewals until June 30
.click, .link, .lol $3.99
until June 30
.me half price
until December 31
.top $1.50 until December 31
.archi, .black, .blue, .info, .kim, .lgbt, .mobi, .pet, .pink, .poker, .promo, .red, .ski, half price until June 30
.host, .online, .press, .pw, .site, .space, .store, .tech, .website until June 30
.promo half price until June 30

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That’s it for spring cleaning this month. If it seems like a lot of change, remember: we’re only just cleaning house.

Feel free to contact us at, on Twitter @gandibar or in the #gandi channel on Freenode. \o/