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Five TLDs on sale for working and relaxing

For many, the ideal job would be one where showing up to work every morning — even Monday — is an exhilarating adventure of fun and excitement. But for the rest of us, while the working week may not exactly be a slog, it’s important to strike that work-life balance. And that’s what this promo, running April 1 through June 30, 2017, is all about.

So let’s get the .work out of the way first. Domains in the .work extension are on sale this spring for $1.99 for the first year ($9.85 at A rates after that).*

Of course, all .work and no play makes Jack an axe-wielding maniac. If you love sitting in a boat while the sun beats down, consider .fishing, $5.99 for the first year, $38.34 per year (at A rates) after that*.

If you like the quiet, meditative aspect of fishing but are water-averse, .yoga might be for you: $5.99 for the first year and $38.34 per year (at A rates) every following year.*

If you like the water but are into more adrenaline-charged activities, why not .surf, $5.99 for the first year and $38.34 per year (at A rates) after that.*

Or otherwise, take a trip to .miami (or show your city some love, if you happen to be there already), available for $7.99 to create and $23.17 per year (at A rates) beyond the first year.*

Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


*Prices in USD. See price pages (linked above) for local pricing.