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But at least we have our .health, in Sunrise

If you find yourself counting your blessings lately, it’s always good to remember: at least you have your health. And now, you can have you .health and Gandi, since this TLD is now entering the Sunrise phase.

That means that not only can those with TMCH registrations register their .health domains for $299.93* from now until July 7, 2017 in the Sunrise phase and get them stat but also that anyone looking to purchase their domains in the GoLive phase starting December 5, 2017 can pre-register for $95.44* per year at A rates.

One thing to remember about this TLD, though, is that to persevere the health of .health for the long term, the registry for these domains does have some general conditions that should be followed (see the .health terms and conditions), most notably that sites on .health domains (“under construction” and parking pages excluded) need to utilize SSL/TLS (you can get a single-address one at no cost with the purchase of a domain at Gandi), should have complete contact information of the site owner, and must respect patient privacy rules.

Give ’em .health?

*Prices in USD. See .health price page for local pricing.