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Introducing the 1.111B Class of .xyz domains

With the introduction of the new 1.111B Class of numerical .xyz domains, domains in this class are now permanently just $0.99* per year.

According to the standard explanation, the advantage of a domain name is to have a single human-readable label to apply to all of those machine-readable IP addresses where your internet services are actually hosted. This is the logic that recommends registering memorable, catchy domain names and a whole secondary marketplace has sprung up where domainers trade in what they predict to be desirable domain names.

But the folks at .xyz have taken a wider view. In light of one and two character domains making a splash on the market and numerical domains ending in 88 nearly taking on the character of commodity stocks in China, .xyz has launched the 1.111B Class of domains.

These domains are 6, 7, 8, and 9 digits long. Everything from 000000.xyz to 999999999.xyz. And while the team at .xyz has some ideas about how to use them, ranging from text message promos based on ZIP code, to registering specific phone numbers, or wedding dates in MMDDYYY format, all the way to becoming a new kind of cryptocurrency, they put emphasis on registering this new class of domains creatively: “There are no right or wrong ways to use the 1.111B Class of domains.”

To sweeten the deal, .xyz domains in this class only are now available at Gandi for $0.99* only, starting June 1.

So, what’s your lucky number?

*Prices in USD. See .xyz price page for local pricing