Updates and releases

New rules for .io domains

Following a technical migration of the .io registry on June 10, new rules have been applied, most notably when it comes to renewing a domain name.

The main update is that when a .io domain is not renewed before the expiration date, it will now be deactivated for a period of 45 days (this used to be 90 days). During this time, it is still possible to perform a late renewal at the normal price of $35.00 per year.

At the end of this period of 45 days, you will be able to restore you .io domain during an additional 30 day period at the restoration rate of $117.00 at A rates.

If you do not restore your domain within this 30 day period, it will be openly available again on a first come, first serve basis.

If you are already a proud owner of one or more .io domains, you should have already received an email telling you about this update as well as asking you to accept the new .io-specific terms and conditions, available from our contracts page.

The other important change we want to make sure to be clear about is that the whois policy has changed for .io: previously the .io registry provided whois obfuscation. However, they have opted to by default no longer show personal information in the whois. To ensure absolute security, we suggest to make sure that you already have Gandi whois protection activated on your account.

If you’d like to purchase a .io domain, you can search for one here: