New rules for .io, .ac, and .sh whois

12.01.2017 - written by

As of November 28, 2017, the owner name (first and last name or organization name) will be displa...

New rules for .io domains

06.24.2017 - written by

The end-of-life and whois policies have changed for .io domains, following the migration of this ...

A .tech for every .io

11.05.2015 - written by

From November 10 until December 10, no need to choose between two of the coolest tech toys in TLD...

Price drop! .io

01.20.2015 - written by

Due to popular demand, we're lowing the price on .io domains.

.IO at cost

07.30.2012 - written by

This month we are offering the .IO extension at cost for each new creation