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We’re online and on the air with .radio

The internet — corruptor of the youth. Destroyer of the art of conversation and other finer things in life. Purveyor of endless advertisements and the vulgarization of political affairs.

But long before the first email, the first newsgroup, or the first switched packet, a century ago the same criticisms were being lobbed at none other than … the radio.

Today, we can unite the past and present media scourges with .radio domain names, now available at Gandi.

Because .radio is only for individuals and legal entities with a “nexus” to the .radio community, Gandi will only be offering these domains in Sunrise, i.e. only if you are registered with TMCH. Domains in this TLD will be available for $269.68* per year.

While there are seven other registration categories, TMCH Sunrise has the highest priority.

A “nexus” in this context would include broadcasting live streams, radio programs and related content, individual radio professional activities, radio-related events, radio-related services or equipment provision and diffusion, and anything else that provides content for the “benefit and advancement” of the .radio community. This nexus requirement is verified on a case-by-case basis by the .radio registry itself.

Additionally, those with .radio domains need to act in a way that’s:

  • generally accepted as legitimate
  • beneficial to the cause and the values of the .radio community
  • commensurate with the role and importance of the registered domain name
  • in good faith at the time of registration and thereafter.

This last requirement means if you want to register a .radio domain you also need to state the intended use for the domain. For details on how you can do that and generally how to submit a registration for a .radio domain, contact our Customer care team.

Get your .radio?

*Prices in USD. See .radio price page for local pricing.