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Gandi participates at APNIC 44 Conference

APNIC 44 took place on September 7-14 in Taichung, Taiwan.

APNIC (the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre) is responsible for developing policies and procedures for the management and use of Internet address resources by National Internet Registries and Internet service providers within the Asia Pacific region. There are now over 6000 APNIC members. The conference was hosted by TWNIC (which also manages .TW) and the Taichung City government. Gandi supported the conference as a Bronze sponsor.

Long-Song Lin 林榮松 (chairman, TWNIC), Paul Wilson (Director General, APNIC), as well as a minister from the Taiwan government and the Taichung mayor provided opening remarks.

Root Zone KSK Rollover
Geoff Huston (Chief Scientist at APNIC) and Edward Lewis (Senior Technologist, ICANN), provided insights and guidance to network operators about the the October 2017 ICANN plan to change the root cryptographic keys* used in the DNSSEC protocol, commonly known as the Root Zone KSK (Key Signing Key). It will be the first time the KSK has been changed since it was initially generated in 2010. This involves generating a new cryptographic key pair and distributing the new public key component to all DNSSEC-validating resolvers globally.

It is a significant change as every Internet query that uses DNSSEC depends on the root zone KSK to validate the destination.

IPv6 and security topics
APNIC provided data on the use of IPv6 and the readiness of its 56 member economies. A couple of program topics focused on IPv6 practices as well.

Security-related topics were also on the agenda of the conference and included a five day workshop on Internet security before the conference.

In July, APNIC announced a closer collaboration on security topics with FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams).
FIRST held a symposium in Taichung at APNIC 44.

Delegation from New Caledonia
APNIC44 also had a delegation from New Caledonia (French: Nouvelle-Calédonie) which is a special collectivity of France in the southwest Pacific Ocean. New Caledonia also has its own ccTLD (.NC) which is unfortunately only open to residents of the island. APNIC 46 will be hosted by them in September 2018.

Webcasts of the conference sessions can be found on the APNIC44 Conference website.

*The KSK Rollover has been delayed until the first quarter of 2018:

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