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Harvest your own .wine or .vin this season

In time for the wine harvest, .wine and .vin are on sale until December 31.

It’s wine harvest season. And while the wine harvest often enjoys a certain romance — cutting luscious bunches of grapes from the vines and tossing them into a big, rustic basket slung over one shoulder in the orange sun of the afternoon, and stomping the grapes barefoot in a giant oak barrel — be sure to add back-breaking work, sunburn, and insect bites to your mental image.

Luckily, harvesting a .wine — or it’s French counterpart .vin — domain is nowhere near as difficult. And this wine harvest season, it’ll be even easier since both .wine and .vin domains will be just $9.99* to create for the first year (and $63.11* after that).

Pick your own .wine?

Or harvest some .vin?

*Prices in USD. See .wine and .vin pages for local pricing.