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Midterm sale on .study and .courses

This post is worth 80% of your final grade.

If this semester is sneaking up on you and you’re just realizing that you have like, three midterms this week, we have a slightly easier exam for you: what two academic TLDs are on sale for 80% off* this October? You may use a piece of scrap paper if you like.

Got it yet? No, it wasn’t a trick question. It really is the two TLDs in the title of this post: .study and .courses, and they’re on sale for 80% off* until October 31. And because there are very few one-year programs, this sale is not just on the first year, but on any new registration for up to ten years (in case you need to repeat a few classes).

What will you .study?

What are your .courses?

*See .study and .courses price pages for local pricing