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What’s cooler than four cool TLDs on sale? Five cool TLDs on sale

Domains in cool TLDs like .cool, .guru, .ninja, .rocks and .zone are on sale from now until December 31, 2017. And we know cool, trust us: we’re on the Internet.

Yo dude, look out, you’re entering Hip City. Here, only the freshest domains are on sale. Grab a skateboard and sunglasses and let’s see the town:

First up .cool, a perennial favorite, which is normally $32.49* per year is down to $4.99* for the first year. That’s “cool.”

Next up, you know for every difficult, arcane piece of knowledge you need once every three weeks to accomplish a task in your office, there’s always that one person who knows everything about that? Who imparts you with the divine wisdom of spreadsheets, derivatives, or BIND syntax and leaves you with a sense of grounded bliss? Kids these days have a name for that and we have a domain for that: .guru, which is on sale for $9.99* for the first year and $32.29* after that.

You probably didn’t even realize this next one was hip because it’s so stealthy. But, we’re revealing its hidden identity: .ninja, on sale for $4.99* for the first year ($23.17* per year after that).

Little known fact, Earth Science is super popular with the Millennials (not as lit as books, though). We knew that though, because we have our finger on the pulse of the new generation. When we overheard a 20-something say “that rocks!” on the streets of Brooklyn, we knew we had a hit with geology-themed .rocks, on sale for $4.99* for the first year ($13.09* normally).

Finally, Kenny Loggins and Paul Mockapetris set the fashion for this one back in the 80s, and retro is so totally in right now. That’s why we have .zone domains for $4.99* for the first year ($32.49* after that).

Of course, nothing’s cool forever. Hip City is only here for a limited time. Get your .cool, .guru, .ninja, .rocks and .zone domains from now until December 31, 2017.

How will you relate to the youth?

*Prices in USD. See price pages linked above for local pricing.