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New year, new pricing for .net

What’s the big deal with New Year’s anyway? The year counter just clicks up one more year. For many, that triggers a lot of worrying about accomplishing goals and making resolutions. And the new year is not without fiscal consequences as well. One example of that is TLD registries that manage specific TLDs tend to increase prices around the new year.

So along with ticking up another number on the year counter, .net is ticking up another number on price by just 50¢* per operation:

  • New .net:
    Was: $18.00
    Now: $18.50
  • Renew .net:
    Was: $18.00
    Now: $18.50
  • Transfer .net:
    Was: $15.00
    Now: $15.50

These prices take effect on January 31, 2018 at 3:00 PM PST, so buy, transfer, or renew your .net domain before then!

*Prices listed here are in USD. See .net pricing page for local prices.