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Customer support information

You may have already noticed some longer-than-usual response times from our Customer Service team. Please rest assured that we are working as hard as possible to rapidly return to faster response times.

Let’s start by discussing how customer care works at Gandi. When a customer encounters difficulties with our interface, we generally recommend that they “open a ticket”. That means filling out a form at

When our system has received your support request, it sends you an automatic email confirming that we received your request that includes your “ticket number.”

The “ticket number” is how we identify your request for assistance. It allows us to find your request, and keep any subsequent email exchanges that may take place regarding your case grouped together in our system to help us follow your case history, and assure the most efficient support possible. This is especially useful given that our support teams are dispersed between North America, Asia, and Europe.

Because we really do care about responding quickly and efficiently to our customers’ requests, we usually keep our response times within 4 to 6 hours.

Unfortunately, when many customers contact us in a relatively short period of time, we often end up with something of a backlog. We regularly have a little bit of a backlog on Monday mornings, since our Customer care team has limited staffing over the weekend.

Sometimes for reasons other than the usual weekly flow of work, the backlog can be even higher, and this has been the case now for the past few days. The month of September is a traditionally  busy time for our Customer care team. This is the period when many customers renew or transfer their domains, launch new projects needing more hosting resources, etc. Increased use of our services translates to more tickets for support.

And, as you know, for the past couple months we have been in the process of rolling out our new #gandiV5 interface to an ever-increasing number of countries. We’re happy to report that the  majority of our customers are now currently using our new site. The downside is that many of our customers need help getting used to the new site and tools that are available to them.

It’s very important to us that we not compromise the quality of our responses to support requests, and we’re being as diligent as ever in our replies. As a result of this, some of you may encounter unusually long response times on your support tickets. We sincerely apologize.

You can rest assured that we have taken all the necessary measures to get back to our usual response times. One such measure that may impact you our customers is that to make sure all hands were on deck to handle the backlog in support tickets, we have temporarily closed the live chat option. Even though this is a communication channel which allows you to quickly explain the problem, we need to pull customer care agents off of support tickets in order to accomodate this option. We will also be increasing the number of agents on duty over the next few weekends.

Overall, we just want you to know that we are aware of the slow response times and that we’ve devoted our resources to cutting them back down to normal. Thanks for your understand and we appreciate your patience. And if you have a pending support ticket, don’t worry! We’ll get back to you as soon we can! We’re just a little swamped right now.