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Special offer on YubiKeys for Gandi users

Use hardware-backed YubiKey authentication with Gandi’s domain management tools to secure the critical assets in your domains and get 20% off your YubiKeys.

In Fall 2017, Gandi implemented FIDO U2F on #gandiv5 because we wanted to offer you, our customers, greater account security and help safeguard your domains, email, hosting, and SSL certificates.

FIDO U2F is the strongest, most modern security authentication protocol available today and we feel it offers the best protection against account takeovers and phishing.

We’ve long offered two-factor authentication using a time-based one-time password algorithm (TOTP), and we recommend to anyone concerned about the security of their domains to turn on two-factor authentication. By requiring a second layer of authentication in addition to the password at the time of login, 2FA strengthens security.

The drawback is that having to type the generated code at every login can add a lot of time to your login. The safest and fastest way is with a U2F hardware key and

Trust is crucial for security and Yubico, who partnered with Google to create the U2F protocol, is the trusted leader in hardware U2F keys. That’s why dozens of the most well-known providers of services online use YubiKeys. We’re excited to announce that Gandi users can now get a discount of 20% off orders of up to 3 keys at Yubico.

We recommend this option in particular to those who use #gandiv5’s fine-grained organization system to delegate rights to a domain name to multiple users. By equipping all users with access to your domain with a YubiKeys from Yubico, you can safely delegate access rights to users of your choice.

To take advantage of this special offer, sign in to your account on this page. You’ll be redirected to Yubico’s store where you can select the keys you’d like to purchase and the discount will be applied when you check out.

If you’re still waiting to migrate to our new platform and you would nonetheless like to take advantage of this discount, feel free to create an account, familiarize yourself with #gandiv5 before migrating your current account, and try out U2F authentication.

And to sweeten the deal, we’ll send a free YubiKey to each of the first 10 people to share this article and mention @gandibar on Twitter. With one condition: please follow us as well so we can send you a DM if you’re one of the winners. All the Yubikeys we had have been distributed, stay tune for the next round!