Gandi will soon be celebrating our 20th birthday. And as we start planning for the festivities, we’re also thinking back on the path that led us here from that first domain registered in May 1999.

In the past decade, we’ve gone from an essentially French business, based in Paris with about forty employees on staff, the large majority of them French, to a continually-evolving international company with offices on three continents.

With a dozen or so nationalities represented in our offices in Paris, Luxembourg, San Francisco, and Taipei and sometimes surprising professional backgrounds, we’re proud to have a diverse, global team, all commited to offering our customers the level of service we would want as customers ourselves.

We’ve previously described the team that manages our social media presence, who work everyday in close collaboration with our Customer care team, your first point of contact with Gandi. Speaking of Customer care, we don’t outsource our support, but we do employ more than forty support agents in our Customer care team across our four offices, providing support in five languages, in multiple time zones. A customer-oriented perspective is not the exclusive to the Customer care team, though, it’s an inextricable aspect of the internal culture in all our teams, from our technical teams, to our legal team, our product managers, and our finance team.

Beyond the basic technical competencies and experience, in our recruitment process the values we seek in our potential employees include the desire to go beyond the basic needs of customers, while staying honest and transparent. In short, the “No Bullshit” mindframe is what really impresses us.

And because we intend to not just celebrate our twentieth birthday but our thirtieth as well, we’re recruiting today the Gandians of tomorrow!

We have several posts currently open in Paris and Taipei, for a variety of roles on our team. And because we are always curious to get to know new potential employees, please feel free to use the open entry form at the bottom. Who knows? You could be that unexpected hire we didn’t even know we needed.