September 4th

Launch of .SPORT domain names

09.04.2018 - written by  in Domain names

.SPORT domain names will be available for open registration starting January 8th 2019, though it is already possible to make a Sunrise or Landrush period registration request.

.SPORT domain names are open to those with a connection to the sports community, and must be used in the framework of sports activities. Because of this, when you make a registration request for this extension, you will need to indicate how you intend to use the domain name.

From September 4th to November 6th 2018 the following will happen:

  • a Sunrise Period open to TMCH-registered trademarks, for $1059,03 the first year.
  • a Landrush Period, open to certain categories of customers listed below.

Requests for registration during these priority periods will be examined and validated by the Registry when the respective period opens.

The categories eligible for the Landrush Period are as follows, in order of priority in case there are multiple requests for the same domain name:

  1. sports disciplines recognized by the Global Association of International Sport Federation (GAISF)
  2. acronyms of international sports federations that are members of GAISF
  3. government-sponsored sports authorities and public authorities
  4. sports clubs and representatives of sports that are not recognized by GAISF
  5. athletes
  6. trademarks, events, and associated companies

If the .SPORT domain name that you want to register has not already been requested, its registration during the Landrush Period will cost $1059,03 excluding VAT for the first year, then $354,69 per year**.

Finally, on January 8th, .SPORT domain names will be available to everyone as it is the opening of General Availability, for a standard price of $354,69 per year. You may already make a pre-reservation request for this period, and for this price:  your pre-registration request will be send at the opening of this period, and in the event that you don’t get the domain due to it having been registered in a previous phase by someone else, your prepaid account will be fully refunded.

Find your .SPORT domain name:



* Domain names pertaining to sports disciplines that are recognized by GAISF, as well as acronyms of international sports federations that are members of GAISF, benefit from special prices. Since it is not possible to manage these cases automatically, we ask that you contact our customer support team for this type of registration.

**  Amount to pay upon the registration request and refunded at the opening of the period if the domain was no longer available.