Updates and releases

Launch of .sport domain names

Starting January 8, 2019, .sport domain names will be available for open registration, though you can already submit your request to register for a .sport domain for either the Sunrise or Landrush registration periods.

Anyone with a connection to the sports community can register a .sport domain name, which must be used in the framework of sports activities. Because of this, when you make a registration request for this TLD, you will need to indicate how you intend to use the domain name.

The following registration periods will take place between September 4 and December 4, 2018:

  • a Sunrise period open to TMCH-registered trademarks, for $1059.03* the first year.
  • a Landrush period, open to certain categories of customers listed below.

The .sports registry will examine and validate all requests for registration during these priority periods when the respective period opens.

The following categories are eligible for registration during the Landrush period. When the registry receives multiple requests for the same domain name, they prioritize them based on the order of the categories we’ve listed below:

  1. Sports disciplines recognized by the Global Association of International Sport Federation (GAISF)**
  2. Acronyms of international sports federations that are members of GAISF**
  3. Government-sponsored sports authorities and public authorities
  4. Sports clubs and representatives of sports that are not recognized by GAISF
  5. Athletes
  6. Trademarks, events, and associated companies

If someone else has not already requested the .sport domain name that you want to register, you can register it during the  Landrush period for $1059.03* for the first year, and $354.69* per year*** after that.

Finally, .sport domains GoLive on January 8, when they become generally available to the public for a standard price of $354.69* per year at A rates. You can make a request to register your .sport domain for this period, at the standard price now, even though .sport is still in the Sunrise phase. If you do register in the General Availability phase, when .sport‘s GoLive date arrives, we will send your request to the registry, who will fulfill your order on a first-come, first-served basis. If someone else has already registered your domain in a previous phase, the registry will let us know at this point and we will credit the full price your order to your Gandi prepaid account.

Is your .sport of choice still available?

*Prices in USD. See .sport price page for local pricing.

**Special pricing is available for domain names pertaining to sports disciplines that are recognized by GAISF, as well as acronyms of international sports federations that are members of GAISF. Since we can’t handle these cases automatically, we ask that you contact our Customer Care team if this applies to you.

***This is amount you pay when submitting your registration request, which we credit to your prepaid account if the domain is no longer available.