The Gandi Community

Welcome, Cloudflare Registrar!

Yesterday, as part of their Birthday Week celebrations, Cloudflare announced that they’ll be launching a new registrar service, with a blogpost taking aim at the main domain name registrars out there.

We would like to welcome Cloudflare and to acknowledge the “No Bullshit” values of their announcement, even if they seem a bit unaware of the day-to-day realities of the domain name industry that we’ve known for decades. Specifically, we know that it does take human beings, who you have to pay, to support customers and interact with partners, and selling domains with zero margin just doesn’t make up what it costs to do that (and that’s without even talking about the full range of services associated with a domain name).

Nonetheless, we always look forward to welcoming a new party into the domain registrar business, especially when they promise to shake things up and when they follow in our footsteps and adopt the practices of transparency and No Bullshit that we’ve trailblazed.

Since 1999 we’ve been offering a high-quality domain registration service to our customers while resisting the temptation to adopt the shady marketing practices common in the rest of the market. As such, we’ll be watching with great interest as Cloudflare Registrar makes its first steps into this space. Welcome Cloudflare!