This week, we’re announcing not one, not two, but three new features on Gandi v5!

Gandi v5 continues to get better and better. Here are the latest updates:


A feature that will make life easier for those managing mutiple products at a time as well as those who must make bulk updates to on or more products.

Long awaited for by our customers, domain name configurations are now available on v5!

You can now:

  • Create custom domain configurations
  • Apply your configurations to one or more pre-existing domain names
  • Apply a configuration to a domain name as soon as you buy it

It’s no longer necessary for you to make changes to domains one by one, on each domain name. Now you can make a domain configuration one time only and apply it on as many domains as you want in one click 😉


A long awaited feature for HTTPS web forwarding

We already announced this feature in relation to the release of .dev (which is on the HSTS preload list and hence requires https), but — you can now use HTTPS web forwarding on v5!

This new feature lets you add web forwarding to HTTPS sites simply and easily. You no longer have to use HTTP redirects for web forwarding.

Simple, fast, and secure — find out more in this video demo:


A feature that makes managing DNS records easier

We have no also added a new type of DNS record — the ALIAS record.

Unlike the CNAME record type, which lets you create aliases for subdomains only, the ALIAS record allows you to point your bare domain to any other domain name (previously, it was only possible to point your bare domain to an IP address).

ALIAS record types reduce some of the technical constraints to web hosting, which allows web hosts to quickly change IP addresses without requiring you to update your DNS zone file everytime.

Simple and efficient — see for yourself 😉

And stay tuned, we’re not done rolling out new features …

We will continue to add new features to v5 that make managing your products easier.

Soon, be’ll be launching new features like:

  • Tags on domain names
  • A new Gandi WHOIS page