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Gandi at EFF Tech Trivia night

Thursday night, April 18, Gandi was proud to sponsor for the third annual EFF Tech Trivia Night. This is the third time we’ve sponsored and the third time we’ve participated in the event.

Gandi has long been a supporter of EFF, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, thanks to their incredible work protecting the internet from the overreaches of data mining corporations and authoritarian-minded government agencies and standing up for all of our online rights so that the internet can be the free and open place we want—and need—it to be.

As always, this year’s trivia night was hosted by none other than the Cyber Tiger himself, EFF’s Cooper Quintin and featured a taco bar (with churros), signature cocktails (props to whoever came up with ‘Two-factor inebriation’), and trivia questions that truly plumbed the depths of arcane pop culture and tech knowledge.

As Cooper pointed out, the judges were impervious to the attempted SQL injection attack in our team name, “and in first place,” and unable to exploit our way to the winning position, we had to settle for answering questions correctly.

In the end, we came in seventh place.

Thanks EFF for hosting! It was our pleasure to participate.

Here were some of our favorite questions:

  • Big data company or Magic: The Gathering guild?
    A. Alteryx
    B. Azorius
    C. Pentaho
    D. Cogito
    E. Izzet
    F. Simic
  • Which controversial TLD was finally approved by ICANN in March 2011?

and the tie-breaker question that determined the third place winners:

  • Decrypt this message:
    Jte poief jusef ug c sezukg czh jte sfecjegj jfuluc ycgjef ar cxx juye

Who can answer all three correctly (without cheating)?