Updates and releases

Now .inc is open to everyone

Since May 7, 2019, .inc domain names have been available to register in the General Availability phase. Gandi is accredied by the registry Intercap Holdings Inc. since 2018. Find out more about .inc, including pricing and conditions, on our dedicated .inc page.

Once the GoLive date arrives and the domain enters General Availability, the rule “first come, first served,” applies. If the domain name of your choice is available, you may now register it for the General Availability period.

What site to use a .inc for

Short for incorporated.inc is particularly targeted towards companies. It lets you add a level of trustworthiness and to gain the confidence of your site’s visitors.

Put the seriousness, the energy, and the strength of your business with a .inc domain.

Five good reasons to choose .inc

Still not convinced to buy a .inc domain? Find out more reasons to buy one in our last article about .inc, Five .inc-entives to register a .inc domain.