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A huge anti-spam update on GandiMail!

On Friday, July 5, 2019, our team deployed a new feature on GandiMail that sorts fraudulent emails into an isolated “Junk” folder, protecting you from spam emails.

Manage fradulent email

Spam emails are a veritable plague for anyone using email for day-to-day communications. That’s even more the case for phishing emails, which have been on the rise these past weeks.

From these attacks, and especially from your reports to us about them, we have become aware of the necessity to act to better protect you from these threats and to improve the day-to-day experience of using our services.

Last summer, we implemented an anti-spam service in collaboration with Vade Secure, a technical partner. This tool has helped manage several waves of spam, phishing, and other malicious emails targeting our customers. At a glance, this anti-spam service provides GandiMail users with automatic flagging of fraudulent emails. It’s up to each user to configure their mailbox using Sieve filters (for more information, see how to filter emails with Sieve).

However, given a high volume of feedback on this from our customers, we’ve recognized that many customers would like to not have to configure these filters themselves and furthermore need help doing so when we have proposed this solution. That’s why we decided to go further to automate the process.

Better assisting you with using anti-spam

All GandiMail mailboxes using IMAP (this includes those using our webmail interfaces), will see a “Junk” folder in their mailboxes as of July 5, 2019 and a Sieve filter. All email that the anti-spam filter considers fradulent (anything with a score greater than or equal to 300) will then be filtered into this folder automatically.

Hence, our anti-spam system will sort spam and phishing emails into this folder and out of your inbox.