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End of Support for Ubuntu 14 LTS: update your Gandi Cloud server!

Canonical, the Ubutu distribution editor, has announced the End of Standard Support of version 14.04 LTS, as of April 30, 2019. What will be the impact on your Gandi Cloud server?

Our guide to updating Ubuntu

If your Gandi Cloud server uses version 14.04, or an earlier version of Ubuntu, we recommend updating to version 18.04.02 LTS, for example, which will be supported until April 2023 (and the most up-to-date version as of the publication date of this post). To perform this update, feel free to refer to our free guide in our documentation.


How do I know if I need to do anything?

If you’re a Simple Hosting user, you don’t need to worry about this at all. The operating system is managed by Gandi for Simple Hosting instances. If you are a Gandi Cloud customer and have a server using Ubuntu, you might need to upgrade. Check your Ubuntu version to find out.

How can I check the version of Ubuntu running on my server?

To check the current version of Ubuntu your server is currently using, you just need to connect to your server via SSH and run the following command:

root@server:/root#lsb_release -a

If the response indicates version 14.04 or lower, we strongly suggest updating.

What is LTS?

The acronym LTS stands of Long Term Support and LTS version of Ubuntu distributions are especially adapted for production servers. They are stable and get updated long-term (five years). The versions with LTS come out every two years with the most recent, 18.04, having been published April 26, 2018 with an end of life announced for April 2023.

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